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List of Balinese Dances, The Best You Could Ever See

List of Balinese Dances, The Best You Could Ever See 

One of the lavishness of Indonesia that you should not miss when visiting is the conventional dances. Every neighborhood has their own dances and each has their own importance.

In Bali alone, there are such a significant number of dances. Balinese dance fuses old Hindu customs with performance that recounts stories through dance and music.

The dance can speak to how the character from Hindu sacred writing battles the devils and hideous spirits. Different sorts of dances include the artist moving their legs, arms, neck, and fingers in a shocked rakish movement with their wide eyes open; some consolidate hand to hand fighting or swaying movements.

Listed below are a list of Balinese dances you should not miss when travelling there.

1. Wali Dance

Wali Dance - List of Balinese Dance
Wali Dance – Image by:

Wali Dance is a sort of dance from Bali which is viewed as holy and only performed during times which are viewed as hallowed. It is considered a consecrated dance, performed at every sanctuary service, dedicated to the Gods.

The dance can be dated back to the 8th to 14th centuries when it was performed at religious ceremonies in a sanctuary. It goes about as a symbol, introduced to the Gods as an impalpable contribution where the artists are said to be in stupor or controlled by the Gods.

It is generally performed in the primary region of the sanctuary (in Indonesia, it is called ‘Jeroan’).

2. Barong Dance

Barong Dance - List of Balinese Dance
Barong Dance – Image by:

One of the genuine and remarkable sides of Bali is a customary Balinese dance performance which is called Barong Dance. It is a narrating dance, portraying the battle among the good and the bad.

Barong itself is a character in the folklore of Bali which is the lord of the great spirits and the foe of Rangda.

3. Bebali Dance

Bebali Dance
Bebali Dance – Image by:

Bebali Dance is in the range among divine and profane. It is utilized as a trait for a function, typically for amusement of both the divine beings and the individuals in question or as an enhancement to a specific parade of a service.

Since the dance is commonly open for the general population, yet at the same time keep up a level of heavenliness, they must be acted in the center zone of a sanctuary known as the ‘madya mandala’. Bebali dance, for the most part, recounts stories from Balinese or Hindu legend, for example, Ramayana or Mahabharata

4. Kecak Dance

Kecak Dance - List of Balinese Dance
Kecak Dance – Image by:

Kecak Dance is one of Balinese creative masterpieces taken in the form of a dance and melodic show. It is performed by in excess of twelve artists; truth be told, it may contain the most artists in front of an audience at any one time of the entirety of Bali’s popular dances.

The ensemble bunch comprises at least 50 male artists who perform essential routines. The dance portrays the account of Asia’s most well-known epic, Ramayana.

Originating from India, this story has since spread to each side of Asia, specifically, South East Asia through a similar channel as Hindu and Buddhist teachings.

5. Balih-Balihan Dance

Balih Balihan Dance - List of Balinese Dance
Balih Balihan Dance – Image by:

Balih-Balihan Dance of Bali is explicitly performed for vacationer entertainment purposes. The dance, for the most part, spins around a storyline which could be a contemporary sentiment or a legendary story, the latter being the more well-known one among visitors since it depicts conventional Hindu culture.

You can discover this dance over numerous scenes in Bali. It means the performance is not being limited to sanctuaries.

6. Oleg Tamulilingan Dance

Oleg Tamulilingan Dance
Oleg Tamulilingan Dance – Image by:

Oleg Tamulilingan is performed by two artists, one male and one female. This dance delineates two honey bees (in locale’s language, it is called ‘tamulilingan’) having a ton of fun in the garden as they gather nectar.

Its movements require adaptability of the female artist, and heroism of the male artist. It is brimming with lively, unique movements.

In Bali, Oleg Tamulilingan might be performed on numerous events, going from sanctuary celebrations to exhibitions at lodgings or government occasions.

7. Legong Dance

Legong Dance - List of Balinese Dance
Legong Dance – Image by:

An amazingly fundamental meaning of Legong is a dance customarily performed by pre-pubescent young ladies in the royal residences of primitive Bali.

The dance is viewed as one of the island’s most worshipped old style pieces, known for its genuinely requesting stances and quick paced movements which require a noteworthy degree of adaptability among its dancers.

8. Joged Dance

Joged Dance
Joged Dance – Image by:

Joged is a mainstream social dance which began from an old dance called Gandrung. While Gandrung was performed solely by a youthful single male artist, Joged is performed by young ladies.

The movements are straightforward and marginally suggestive, in the push to energize individuals from the crowd to participate and out-move the dancers. Marginally suggestive might be understatement in certain towns where provocative female artists like grinding their hips and bottoms.

This type of dance is incredibly famous among Balinese men. However, it has been vigorously censured by traditionalists who dismiss it as ‘sex entertainment’.

9. Topeng Dance

Topeng Dance
Topeng Dance – Image by:

Topeng is an Indonesian type of dance and drama where at least one artist wears veils and performs old stories, frequently concerning old or legendary lords and saints.

It is accepted that the utilization of topeng (mask) is identified with the faction of the predecessors which considered artists to be the mediators of the divine beings.

10. Baris Dance

Baris Dance - List of Balinese Dance
Baris Dance – Image by:

Baris Dance is a customary war dance that celebrates the masculinity of the triumphant Balinese warrior. The word ‘baris’ signifies ‘line’ or ‘file’ and alludes to the warriors who battled for the lords of Bali.

It is tied in with exhibiting physical quality and the enthusiastic movement of a warrior. The unmistakable ensemble, the funnel shaped molded headdress, the exact advances and fieriness, exceptionally lively movements of the entertainer offer accentuation to the martial aspect of the dance.

The Verdict

So, that is a list of Balinese dances that hold certain meanings and importance among locales. UNESCO perceives three classifications of conventional dance in Bali as Intangible social legacy.

The three classifications incorporate Wali as hallowed dance, Bebali as semi-holy dance, and Balih-Balihan as a dance for amusement purposes. You can discover these dances in the sanctuaries or in exceptional events.

In any case, since Bali is a traveler destination, you can likewise discover and appreciate these dances while eating.


List of Balinese Dances, The Best You Could Ever See

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